CDD 3 ans : Assistant Historian, Information and Document Management/Historical Office de l’OTAN à Mons (Belgique)

  • Poste : Assistant Historian, Information and Document Management / Historien Adjoint, Responsable de gestion documentaire et de l’information et chargé de recherches (F/H).
  • Employeur : Organisation du Traité de l’Atlantique Nord (OTAN) / North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe/SHAPE, Historical Office – Mons (Belgique).
  • Offre : pour les candidatures civiles : CDD de 3 ans, transformable en CDI.
  • Date limite de candidature : 20 octobre 2017 avant minuit.

[Annonce originelle rédigée en anglais]


GENERAL BACKGROUND : SHAPE, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, is the Headquarters of Allied Command Operations (ACO), one of the two major military commands of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). ACO safeguards an area extending from the northern tip of Norway to the eastern border of Turkey. This equates to nearly two million square kilometres of land, more than three million square kilometres of sea, and a population of about 320 million people.

SHAPE is the Strategic Headquarters for Allied Command Operations. The Directorate of Management (DOM) is on behalf of the Chief of Staff (COS) responsible for the direction and coordination of selected aspects of the day to day operation of SHAPE as well as the assurance of the provision of essential support facilities and services to the headquarters, co-located agencies and units and, to individual staff members and their families. The Knowledge Management (KNM) Branch is responsible for facilitating, coordinating and implementing Command Group (CG) requirements through the assessment, direction and management of staffing operations, services and CIS Support to SHAPE. It is also responsible for Information Management and Knowledge Development across ACO in support of the comprehensive approach to planning and executing operations.

The Historical Office is responsible for :

  • Maintaining an accurate historical record of NATO-led operations and key ACO issues to meet the information requirements for future staff use and the historical record of ACO.
  • Advising the CG on the historical aspects of current issues and operations.
  • Satisfying the historical information requirements of the CG, SHAPE Staff, and higher/lower headquarters concerning past/present operations and issues.
  • Preparing histories, staff studies and information papers for the CG and other key staff members.
  • Declassifying older SHAPE and ACO records and assisting the work of the NATO Archives Committee.

The SHAPE Historical Office serves as the institutional memory for SHAPE and ACO by preserving key historical data, providing historical advice to the CG and staff, and responding to requests for historical information from inside and outside the headquarters. Lire la suite

CDD : Chef.fe Archiviste, Chef.fe d’unité/UNESCO (Paris 7e)

  • Poste : Chef Archiviste, Chef d’unité (F/H).
  • Employeur : UNESCO – Paris (75007).
  • Offre : CDD – poste ouvert aux candidats internes et externes.
  • Date limite de candidature : 05/06/2017.

POSTE & MISSIONS : Under the direct supervision of the UNESCO’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), the incumbent is responsible for the development and implementation of strategies, policies, procedures and guidelines for the Organization’s archives, library and records management services. He/She manages the Archives, Library and Records Management Unit (KMI/ALR) as well as its financial and human resources. In particular, he/she will perform the following tasks : Lire la suite